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MicroVision MV-Professional - 2.0 MP Digital microscope
Measurement with Semi-Auto Calibration feature

Professional Series

DigitalClarity™ Cmos imaging technology,
Superior low-light performance.

1/3”, True 2 Mega pixel CMOS image sensor,
integrated with sophisticated Image Flow micro Processor.

USB2.0 Video Class Controller Embedded with
turbo 8051 micro controller runs 2-4 clocks per instructions.

Optical Glass microscope lens delivers Sharp and brilliant color reproduction

Robustly built in Full Anodize Aluminum Housing.
Metallic shield cables for better noise suppression
& Gold plated connectors.
Semi-Automated calibration feature, & Micrometer
Calibration Slide 1 Div = 10 micron for precision measurements up to 99.5% accuracy.
Microvision digital microscope camera

8 Diffused Led light with external intensity control

Diffusion Cap attachment for Glare reduction
on shinny surface
80 / 150x lens cap attachment
Metal Goose Neck Stand
Storage bag / plastic storage box

Optical Glass Lens

 MicroVision MV-Pro digital microscope is fitted with High Precision Optical Glass Lens, used typically in expensive microscopes in delivering Crystal Clear, Sharp and vibrant color images. Lower end digital microscope lens available are commonly made in “transparent thermo plastic” lens.
*A quick comparison in vision clarity can be made by seeing though, a plastic and a glass lens spectacles.

Normal plastic lens
MV-Pro Optical Glass Lens
Normal thermo Plastic lens   
Optical PMMA lens
Optical Glass lens – MV-PRO
microscope diamond
gem stone 50x

Brilliant Color reproduction with DigitalClarity™ Technology and Crystal sharp images from Optical glass lens

Diffused LED Lighting System

In Vision Geometry, appropriate lighting and angle determine the imaging quality.
Microvision MV-Pro microscope is equipped with 8 Diffused LED lights and diffuser attachment,
connected to an external intensity controller to ensuring target is evenly brighten up without over glarring on the focus objects.

Normal white light ( Left ) vs MicroVision Diffused Led light ( right )
MicroVision Diffusion light Attachment
Normal White LED light
With MicroVision Diffusion light attachment

Embedded with Sophisticated DigitalClarity™ 2.0 mega pixels - 1/3' Cmos sensor,  Image flow Micro-processor,
micro-controller running at 60Mhz, and highly optimized CPU executing each instruction in 2 to 4 clocks.

MV-Pro-2.0MP delivers, a consistence and undistorted “
Live ” video streaming and captured
images in High resolution of 1600 x 1200 Pixel

cmos sensor
1/3' RGB Cmos Sensor
Optimize Digital Signal Processor

Auxiliary metallic shield cable coupled with a Gold plated USB connector to its imaging circuitry to
achieve a higher suppression of noise from affecting signals.

microscope component
shield cable
Normal Cable & USB connector
Shield Cable and Gold plate connector
Full Anodize Aluminum Housing

Unlike common plastic housing,
MicroVision MV-Pro is Robustly built to last with
Full Anodize Aluminum housing.

Ensuring sensitive imaging component, electronics
and lens are precisionly aligned and intact against
harsh usage and accidental fall.

Heavy duty goose neck stand allows more flexibilities in
capturing images at desired position
microvision  mvpro 1
application panel

Application Software

Support 12 multiple language : English, Spanish, France, German,Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplifed & Traditional Chinese.

Software controllable parameter for brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, gamma, white balance, exposure for image enhancement.

Timer function to preset captured images at specific interval as well as frame rates for better control observation.

State of Art Measurement features
MicroVision's state of art and easy to use Measurement software provide up to 99.5% accuracy with its
" Semi-Automated Calibration function "

Features with Line, Circle, Radius, Diameter, 3 point circle, Angle, Square,
Polygon with Grith and Surface area measured in Imperial or metric versions.
microvision measuremnt

Proper setup with optional Multi-function metal stand and accessories will allow
MicroVision MV-Pro to captured at desired magnification from 20x, 30x, 40x… up to 230x

microscope complete set
boom stand mv pro
Full set up : Metal stand with Rotatable head and fine focusing adustment for 2D view, X-Y-R mechanical stages, Bottom and 2 Auxillary LED lights.
Boom Stand with Rack and pinion focusing adjustment
MicroVision Digital Microscope has been widely used as teaching aid in science and biological studies in Primary, Secondary, Technical institute and University.
What our teacher’s say from a local primary school..
“Given a right tool like MicroVision MV-1, you will be amazed how creative our students can do in their outdoor Science projects, every group wants to do compete with a good images and video presentation.. a truly different learning experience” 
QiaoNan, Science HOD.
Paramaecium 230x
Honey Bee Mount parts 230X
Cucurbita Stem C.S 230x
House fly
Flower pollen
Antique Inspection
And what our customer says,
“ I bought a similar digital microscope for $199 to capture our IC Chip inspection. I was very disappointed that it doesn’t perform as expected, the images are not clear and sharp, the color is different from the object. Not until I found MicroVision MV-1 Pro, the captured images are unbelievable, it so clear and sharp.. and the best part was the optional accessories is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you!”
Global Resources, Singapore..
Images Captured with MicroVision digital Microscopes MV-Pro for numerous electronics as well as
Semi-conductor application and QA inspection by many world wide multi national companies .

Projection bottom led light measurement
For tiny electronics component

Inspection and measurement of solder balls
for semi-conductor device
Inspection of Chipping defects in Dicing quartz
Inspection on Laser Marking in PCB component
Coating inspection on Wafer probe
Spring Probe inspection

12 Good reasons to choose MV- Pro digital microscope...

1) Latest Turbo Speed True 1/3', 2.0 mega Pixel color cmos with sophisticated Image flow processor
2) USB 2.0 Video Class Controller turbo 8051 micro controller run 2-4 clock per instruction
3) Dual Axis, coated Optical Glass lens.
4) DigitalClarity Cmos Imaging Technology, Superior low-light performance
5) 8- Special Diffused LED light & Diffuser attachment for even distribution of light
6) 80 / 150x lens attachment
7) Full anodize solid aluminum housing
8) Shield cable with gold connector
9) Semi-automated calibration function
10) Precision Micrometer Calibration slide 1 Div : 10 micron for high accuracy measurement.
11) Metal goose neck stand
12) Storage bag / plastic storage box for safe keeping

You have seen and heard enough.. How much then ???
What is worth to you to have this High performance MV-Pro digital microscope
that you can double up your work efficiency from Today..
Is it worth 600 or 700??

NO… You can Grab this incredible offer at USD $ 367 now before its gone forever..

YES ! Give Me The High Perfomrance 2.0 mega pixel handheld USB digital microscope, MV-PRO !

I Want This Smart Device To Improve my work efficency
Before This Low Price Is Gone Forever

microscope mv pro package
MicroVision MV-PRO-GN
US $ 367
** Price does not cover cost of delivery **
  • MV-Pro 2.0MP - 1 unit
  • Diffuser attachment - 1pc
  • 80 / 150X - 1 pc
  • Calibration pattern x 3
  • Metal Goose Neck Stand x 1 pc
  • Storage bag x 1 pc
  • Plastic Storage box x 1 pc
  • Calibration micrometer Slide - 1 pc
    ( 1 Div = 10micron )
Payment Method and Shipment for buyers:

We accept, Cash, POSB, DBS Bank transfer or Cheque payment for Singapore buyers.
International buyers : Paypal ( Credit card payment ), or Bank Remittance only (Subject to additional US$15 Inward Bank charge )
** Price does not cover cost of delivery **

Refund and Replacement:
Refund and Replacement to be requested within 7 days upon receipt of goods.
For refund, there is a 30% re-stocking fee.
Replacement of unit only for malfunction or DOA. If we do not have any replacement unit, you have a choice to send for repair or refund. Goods must be return in its ORIGINAL CONDITION without any physical changes.
** For repair within warranty period, buyer are require to send back the unit at their own cost.
For Corporate / Company Purchase :
-We can issue Official quotation and accept payment via T.T.
-Deliver your order via your company designated courier accounts, Fedex, DHL, UPS, TnT etc.,
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